Casi Province in choropleth

Una mappa coropletica, dal greco χώρο (area, regione) e πλήθος (moltitudine), è una mappa tematica in cui le aree sono colorate o rappresentate con diversi schemi che evidenziano i risultati di calcoli statistici effettuate su di esse. Definizione completa su Mappa Coropletica.

Per le province italiane abbiamo a disposizione solo il totale dei casi.

Di seguito vengono visualizzate le mappe coropletiche per ogni settimana a partire dal 25/03/2020. L'avanzamento nello slideshow mostra come sono cresciuti i casi totali nelle varie province nel tempo.

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I dati Covid-19 epidemic sono pubblicati ogni giorno dalla Protezione Civile in Italy. E' stato messo a disposizione un github pubblico dove scaricare i dati :

I dati giornalieri sono disponibili come somma cumulativa dei dati dei giorni precedenti. Nel presente articolo pubblichiamo i dati cumulativi e quelli derivati calcolati sulla differenza di ogni giorno con il precedente. Il codice python e' disponibile su :

Di seguito i dati relativi all'intero territorio italiano

c19 totale casi

c19 positivi

c19 dimessi deceduti

Quello che segue e' l'analisi dei dati per ogni regione italiana dove :  

# totale positivi = terapie intensive + ricoverati + isolamento domiciliare

# totale casi = totale positivi + deceduti + dimessi guariti


Abruzzo cum out Abruzzo dev out
Basilicata cum out Basilicata dev out
 Calabria cum out Calabria dev out 
 Campania cum out Campania dev out 
 Emilia-Romagna cum out Emilia-Romagna dev out 
 Friuli Venezia Giulia cum out Friuli Venezia Giulia dev out 
 Lazio cum out Lazio dev out 
 Liguria cum out Liguria dev out 
 Lombardia cum out Lombardia dev out 
 Marche cum out Marche dev out 
 Molise cum out Molise dev out 
 P.A. Bolzano cum out P.A. Bolzano dev out 
 P.A. Trento cum out P.A. Trento dev out 
 Piemonte cum out Piemonte dev out 
 Puglia cum out Puglia dev out 
 Sardegna cum out Sardegna dev out 
 Sicilia cum out Sicilia dev out 
 Toscana cum out Toscana dev out 
 Umbria cum out Umbria dev out 
 Valle d'Aosta cum out Valle d'Aosta dev out 
 Veneto cum out Veneto dev out 




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We are an IT consulting and services company providing technology consultants expert for solution, support and training. We started operations in 2010 when, two founders from a long experience in system integrators and international corporations, decided to get a chance to make a new step in the IT market and begin to start a new race.
From here the company name: NextRace.

Principal certifications and product skills:



Identity IQ

File Access Manager


Identity Governance

Access Management

Directory Services

BeyondTrust DataSunrise




aws cloud Google CloudPlatform Oracle cloud


Our Team

Giovanni Gadaleta - Security Architect – Lead Auditor ISO/IEC 27001


giovanni gadaleta

He’s founded Nextrace in 2010 and he’s been involved in the design of complex solutions for medium and large enterprises in the integration and security systems (Vodafone UK and Italy, Mediolanum, Sky) on Identity and Access Management. He also delivered several courses in Europe for Oracle University.

He worked in Oracle Consulting (2000 – 2010) as Security Architect and in Datamat (1989-2000). 



Gian Luca Berardocco - CEO - Security Architect - AWS Certified - CISA



He’s founded Nextrace in 2010 and he’s been involved on several projects across Europe and USA on Identity and Access Management, Database Security Assessment and Risk Assessment. He's currently engaged as IAM Security Architect at Northrop Grumman in Italy for a Sailpoint implemantation. Last projects where he was involved: Intesa San Paolo in Italy as DB Security Architect, VodafoneGlobal (2016/2018) in London and Dusseldorf as IDM Architect, RBS (2015) managing Oracle Consulting IAM Team on projects for Ledger Transformation Programme and Prudential (2014) assessing and review applications to manage password management and shared accounts and monitor privileged sessions.

He worked in Oracle Consulting (1998 – 2010) as Security Architect, in Tecsiel/Finsiel (1994-1998) and Auselda Aed Group (1993-1994). 



Enrico Piras - IDM Security Expert and SOA Architect


 LIN Photo

He's an enthusiast, passionate professional. He's spent past 26 years training and playing with computers. He started delving in the area of Large Enterprises' IT transformation projects in 2005, when designing solutions to complex data migrations needs. In 2007 he was hired by Oracle Consulting and worked as Siebel OCS for about 5 years. He then, moved to OFMW applications to work as technical architect. His experience includes working as AWS infrastructure architect. His technology awareness includes all layers in an IT infrastructure, though his current interest is more on the side of SOA, and IAM (IDaaS) solutions provisioning.    

His Mission is: Evangelize clients over adoption of modern Enterprise IT Governance principles with aim of harnessing full potential of service oriented architectures and cloud based integration.



Rosario Di Matola - IDM Security Expert - OCI Certified



He joined Nextrace in 2017 working with security products of Identity and Access Management. He is a technology enthusiast and has been working in the IT world since 2008.

He has worked as a System Administrator for customers such as Wind, Telecom Italia, SIAE. He's strong skills on Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Access Manager, Apache, Tomcat.


David Galli - Security Consultant - OCI Certified


 David Galli

He joined Nextrace in 2018, works on security products of Identity and Access Management.

Previously he worked as a security consultant for 10 years at INPS,

managing and customizing the products: Sailpoint 8.0, Forgerock OpenAM 6.5, Oracle Identity Management v.11g, SiteMinder and Wily of CA; with skills in Java programming and Oracle Database.










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