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Are you able to look at your data at 360°?

Today large enterprises are living the struggle of dealing with a variety and a volume of data that it's exploding.

Log files, webcams, sensors, social network data are invading enterprise life at different level. Moreover, the speed of decision on the business changes due to the fact we read in that data has become another crucial factor of the enterprise performances on the market.

This has lead to new generation of data analysis technology called : Big Data and IoT.

Nextrace is ready to offer solutions in this area and keeping its skills updated on:


Python Anaconda Environment for Data Science with pandas, matplotlib, seaborn and numpi packages

ELK ElasticSearch, Kibana and Logstash for monitoring and analysis of log data
aws cloud
  • AWS EC2 for Linux Servers and Oracle/Mysql Databases
  • AWS IoT Core, IoT Analytics, IoT Channel connected to sensors with test environment with Arduino






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