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The professional services we offer on the market can be described as follows:

Advice: Have you developed a deep knowledge regarding the performance of consulting services to medium and large businesses? Such services in the last decade have specialized exponentially, creating models and methodologies different approach to IT services. The IDM Data Protection and are no strangers to this evolution. The Nextrace includes the specialization of these services by providing high quality advice, from business consulting, risk analysis and assessment, concluding with design and implementation services in the areas of IDM and Data Protection.

Architecture Design: The design and architecture of the Data Protection IDM is a repetitive process related to the transformation and evolution of business. Several components of the IDM and the Data Protection require dedicated architecture and built. The method with which to shape it and plan it from the beginning is a crucial activity that will determine the evolution. The IDM and Data Protections technologies are placed at the forefront of enterprise security. The access to the right data and applications, with the right privileges, in a safe and timely manner is one of the most critical systems in enterprises. The Nextrace is ready to provide customers with the appropriate services in the design of system architectures, robust, scalable and high reliability.

Training: Our long experience with Oracle over a decade has enabled the development of skills necessary for the establishment of an ad-hoc training for customers. We are ready for the distribution of training courses in Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Database Security components and products.

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