Do you know who's accessing your databases?

The answer for many organizations has been NO. While all databases come with tools for security and access control, many users -- mostly employees or other insiders -- have found ways to circumvent them, leaving IT people in the dark about who's been using the data, and when.

Have you changed the security basic configuration parameters?

Most of the production database are installed on default parameter and some times we discovered ….a lot of utility accounts have the standard default password.

These are only two of the our discovering questions to start a Database Assessment with our customers. And the solution cannot be a product or a tool, you can’t protect against problems if you don’t know they exist.

NEXTRACE can helps you stay out of the headlines by ensuring that database protection conforms to regulations, best practices, and a company’s internal standards.

The basic topics of database assessment are:

  • Business Analysis. Identification of critical databases with respect to security requirements, compliance and regulations.
  • Solution Analysis. Security healthcheck on critical databases, highlights all the vulnerability about:
    • Access control
    • Auditing
    • Authentication
    • Encryption
    • Integrity controls
    • Backups
    • Application security
  • Design & Implementation. Design and implementation of counter-measures with database features and identified products and tools.
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